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Boost your Tourism Industry with these 4 Digital Marketing Strategies.

Planning a tour or a vacation, Do you know what’s the first thing that people do? Packing. No. It’s Googling. From searching for hotels to the best prices on airfare and to the places to visit, customers google everything. You want to provide these information to the customers but so do the websites. So what makes you different from the crowd? 

At Psyber Inc we will help you to properly implement the digital marketing strategies to gain a huge traffic and to generate higher revenues. Under this article you’ll learn about the key elements of Digital Marketing and how it can be advantageous to you.

Why Internet Marketing for tourism and not traditional approach?

One of the major differences between traditional and Internet marketing is that, latter offers bilateral communication rather than just one-way unresponsive conversation. Internet marketing bridges the gap between users and service providers. You can communicate by providing your services and special offers and discounts and they can respond to you through reviews and feedback.

Another problem with traditional marketing is the cost. The cost of Printing the flyers, outlets, newspapers and broadcasting is quite high, plus you also need the distributors. It ensures no surety whether customers are enticed or not. But with the internet marketing customers get the option to learn more about the offer or a service provided by your company and then you can connect directly with the customers to provide them your service. Additionally, the cost of marketing through the internet is very less. On the internet, PPC works best for the advertising of your company, with very less cost.

What are the Pros and Comforts of Digital Marketing for Tourism?

There are various benefits of digital marketing, but we’ve narrowed them down to the most important ones that you’ll be needing to boost your tourism business online.

  • Speed

The Internet offers speed. In a few minutes, just through some clicks, you can instantly reach all your customers. With the high speed of the internet you can also solve your customer queries and they can also connect with you in no time.

  • Cost

The cost of PPC is very minimal. The basic packages start at as low as 8000/- INR. You can also go for advanced or premium packages based on your requirement. Here you pay only for the people who responded to your ad and  not who might. This cost is very low as compared to the traditional marketing which involves the cost of printing and distributing.

  • Reach

With the boundless reach of the internet you can access a large group of peoples. Traditional approaches are only limited to local locations. By properly implementing the SEO tools, you can make your website appear early in searches that way you can gather huge traffic.

  • Analytics

Analysis is very important when doing an online campaign. The Internet helps you know whether your efforts are being appreciated or not.  You can also analyze reviews and ratings, to do better in the near future.

Lets begin with how to digitally Market your Tourism Industry 

  • Digital Presentation

Whenever planning for a tour customer always researches about the location they are about to visit. They’ll want to know about the popular landmarks and places to visit in a particular location. Your website should be appealing enough to convince them that you can provide all the relevant information that they wish to look for.

Use presentations and slides to show the Popular places to visit  in a particular location. You can also use sections where they can filter through the location and can see the photos and read about those places. Your website should be easy to use yet vibrant in look. 

When users find all the information at one place, it is very probable that they’ll book a tour from you.

  • Mobile Apps

With everything becoming online, customers become more and more lazy. Some users find it difficult and a long process to do bookings through websites. You can create your own mobile app. Mobile apps simplify the bookings and transactions and are more user-friendly as compared to the websites.

In the apps also you have to be vibrant and appealing. You can use sections like booking transports, Gallery, Locations, hotels. With the app you can also provide them maps and real- time monitoring of their location. An interactive assistant guide can be very fascinating to the users. You can also use the modes like Prime memberships wherein the members will enjoy additional benefits. This will drive much greater revenue to your company. 

  • Deals, Offers and Discounts through email marketing

Travelling is expensive no doubt. Customers are always looking for discounts and offers. You can provide simple discounts and offers to your email subscribers and social media followers. You can also provide them rewards such as vouchers for sharing your page. This way you can generate a reliable customer base. 

With such deals customers will be attracted and will travel more frequently. Each deal may bring you little less profit, but it will bring you frequent travel bookings which will ultimately help you generate huge revenue. 

Bring in the Digital Revenue

With the powers of the internet such as speed and free information and large pool of internet users, you can access as many people as you want and can earn an ample amount of profit.

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