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A dedicated server is a remote server that is completely dedicated to a single person, company, or application. A hosting, cloud, or managed service provider deploys, hosts, and manages it (MSP).

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Dedicated hosting is an Internet hosting service that dedicates a physical server (or servers) to a single corporate customer. The consumer has full control over the system, allowing them to tailor it to their own needs, such as performance and security. The physical server and environment, as well as the related services and technical support, are all provided by the hosting provider. A virtual private server provides your site with its own place, independent from other sites, but yet sharing a server. Because your site is isolated from other users, its performance will be more constant. You also have a little more leeway in terms of how your server is set up.

Why need a dedicated server?

Along with cloud hosting, dedicated hosting is one of the most powerful server options.

Security- Every website, but especially those that handle sensitive data, has to be secure. This might contain sensitive client information, personal communications, or credit card details. With a dedicated server, you have total control over the security of your website. This means you may tailor the functionality you need to your websites and saved files’ unique needs. Of course, you’re also in charge of how these features are implemented, but flexibility has its advantages.

Increase in traffic- If you expect your website to develop fast, consider getting a dedicated server right now. When your site’s traffic rises, for example, and you’re still utilising shared hosting, your site’s performance may suffer substantially. This might lead to a downward spiral of increasing bounce rates and revenue loss. It’s critical to give yourself enough time to transfer your site and ‘settle’ its performance before any issues occur.

Optimal page loading– The speed with which your pages load may have a major influence on virtually every aspect of your website. Slow pages might cause low engagement metrics and high bounce rates. A dedicated server can assist you in getting the most out of this part of your website.

Controlled Server– The last reason you might choose to go with a dedicated server over other choices is control. We said it in the earlier sections, but dedicated hosting provides you with total control over how you use your server.

At Psyber-

Psyber provides a variety of dedicated server hosting solutions, including managed and unmanaged alternatives.

All servers have SSD storage for quicker load times and are equipped with smart routing technology to ensure 99.999 per cent uptime. The servers come with multi-layer security protection and enable rebootless updates as needed, besides being on a Tier-1 network.

Managed server price is quite reasonable, and even at the most basic level, we provide a powerful set of hardware specifications. You can request bespoke solutions based on your own requirements. Psyber’s experienced support team manages all dedicated servers. They keep track of system health, respond to notifications proactively and install and update the operating system. Support is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the firm guarantees a 59-second response time through phone or chat, as well as a 30-minute response time by ticket and email.

  • Phone, Chat, and Ticket Support are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a
  • Choice of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps Network Capacity on a world-class network with 10 Tbps Network Capacity
  • All servers come with a free setup.
  • Reboot & Reinstall buttons on an intuitive Control Panel


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Dedicated hosting is a type of website hosting environment that offers the most resource allotment, privacy, and control. Dedicated servers are entirely separated from one another, giving users the freedom to design their servers however they see fit without affecting other users or being influenced by the activities of others.

It’s simple to get started with dedicated hosting. Our dedicated server pricing are based on the resources and services that are supplied. Simply select one of our Standard, Enhanced, or Premium Dedicated hosting packages based on the quantity of resources your website requires, and then complete the sign-up process to purchase the dedicated server.

If you want the greatest power for your money, dedicated hosting is the way to go. The drawback, as you might guess, is the expense, which may reach three figures per month sometimes. Fortunately, by the time you need one to handle your website’s traffic, it could be well worth it.

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