Product Launch

Product Launch

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Product Launch

We will determine your objectives and share our experience on how to attain the results before launching your product. This could involve everything from sales and revenue targets to expanding your consumer base. We'll next devise a strategy to generate the most interest in your goods and maximize your brand's visibility.

Development, internal testing, external testing, aim and goal setting, positioning, enthusiasm building, and event timing are all stages of a product launch strategy. The design team must create a product that meets a customer requirement and can meet that need consistently. Setting sales and income goals for the launch event at a specific future date is part of the aim and goal-setting step. The marketing team establishes the product’s position in relation to the competition and launches a series of marketing approaches aimed at generating excitement. For maximum sales, the launch event must take place at the optimal moment. Swimming accouterments, for example, should be released in the spring or early summer, whereas new-technology snowboards should be released in the fall or early winter.


Psyber assists brands in launching their products with precision and a full suite of marketing services, including product ideation, design, and development, as well as research and testing. And all forms of marketing and communication, including branding, packaging, and merchandising, advertising, public relations, channel development, and more.

For most marketers, effective product development and new product launch are important. Despite this, it is commonly known that new product failure rates approach 90%! Psyber can help you improve your chances. We can assist with new product concept development, research, and testing. Product name and trademarks, as well as brand development, sales, and channel launch communications are all covered. Even packaging and merchandising for new products. There’s even a checklist for launching a new product. Simply inquire!

When you introduce a product, your goal is likely to increase brand awareness and develop your business; there’s no doubt that this is easier said than done. Strategic Marketing, as a full-service advertising agency, has expertise in a wide range of marketing tactics that will help your product launch and brand awareness succeed. Our product launch tactics include extensive market and consumer research, detailed planning, and strategic execution that appeals to today’s discerning customers.

The Stages of a Product Launch-

We will determine your objectives and share our experience on how to attain the results before launching your product. This could involve everything from sales and revenue targets to expanding your consumer base. We’ll next devise a strategy to generate the most interest in your goods and maximize your brand’s visibility. The following are some services and tactics we offer as part of our comprehensive product launch services and strategies:


  • Public relations
  • Marketing via email
  • Publicity in print
  • Direct Mail Promotions
  • Marketing on Social Media

-Advertising on digital screens.

We don’t, however, stop after the product is released. When the momentum fades, many rockets fail. To guarantee that your brand and product continue to develop customer awareness, Strategic Marketing treats the launch of your product with the same urgency and priority as the rest of your campaign. Your new product will continue to create an impression on consumers long after the first launch if you incorporate your product launch campaign into a planned marketing strategy.


We can coordinate and manage launch activities that can upset the multiple responsibilities of marketing, product management, and sales teams by working as an extension of your team.

We create guidelines with clear roles and duties for each member of the launch team, as well as management review checkpoints and best-practice templates to help you get started quickly.

What can you expect by partnering with Psyber?

We assess your current launch methods, identify crucial areas for improvement, and give strategic recommendations on how to increase launch performance at Psyber Understanding the buyers, positioning, content strategy, public and analyst relations, communications and promotion strategy, price strategy, channel strategy, sales support, and lead generation strategy are just some things we help you with.We collaborate closely with you to ensure a successful launch, with precise deliverables in each phase:

  Pre-launch (buyer profiles, marketing message testing, etc.)

  Launch (media attention, online discussion, threat detection, sales dialogue kits…)

  After the launch (evaluate sales impact, keep the conversation going through various channels, do customer satisfaction surveys, etc.)

We create product launch strategies that complement your current marketing strategy. Based on your brand’s values, marketing objectives, and target demographic, we’ll figure out the best method to launch your product. For the best chance of a successful product launch and to learn more about our comprehensive product launch plans, contact Psyber now.

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A product launch is crucial for the success of a new product or service. It allows businesses to generate buzz, attract attention from potential customers, and establish a strong market presence from the outset. A well-executed product launch can lead to increased sales, brand visibility, and market share.

It’s never too early to start planning your product launch. Ideally, you should begin the planning process well in advance of the product’s release date to allow sufficient time for strategic development, creative execution, and campaign implementation. Starting early also gives you the flexibility to adjust your plans as needed and address any unexpected challenges that may arise.

At, we have the expertise and resources to help you plan, execute, and optimize a successful product launch campaign. From strategic planning and creative development to campaign execution and performance tracking, our team will work closely with you to ensure your product launch is a resounding success.

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