Website Re-design

Website Re-design

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Website Re-design

The digital competition of today is worldwide, and it causes high innovation and perseverance in all technological aspects. Many businesses continue to use older versions, plugins, and styles that rank badly in both search engines and user preference rankings.

Every company has its unique personality, which we feel should be expressed on its website. However, not everyone can keep a hold on the target audience with the same old website designs, especially if your users access your site from a variety of devices of all shapes and sizes. Psybers’ bespoke website redesign services in India are created with your industry, market, and target audience in mind.

The digital competition of today is worldwide, and it causes high innovation and perseverance in all technological aspects. Many businesses continue to use older versions, plugins, and styles that rank badly in both search engines and user preference rankings. The ideal mix of colors, themes, and responsiveness has now been added to the art of website design. The great availability of alternatives at the touch of a button is decreasing a visitor’s attention span.

Our team of website designers has got in-depth insights into dealing with different design defects and mistakes of outdated websites as a professional website revamping business. Businesses who wish to re-design their websites come to us with an old version of their site that does not follow any rules or suggestions and is genuinely out of date. Our team of website redesign specialists has perfected the art of finely integrating UX/UI components.

We turn old company websites into new, attractive websites with all the current aspects from the world of website design using the most up-to-date tools and techniques. When clients phone us and say, “I want my website redesigned to compete with all the newest trends and technology,” we respect their concern and get to work as soon as workable. Our website redesign services focus on generating an appealing and unique first impression on visitors. We employ the most up-to-date digital interface technology and combine it with the correct combination of end-user expectations to predict user happiness.

Our Services

Landing page design- Stop making your viewers feel jaded by using the same old landing page! Do you want to make them feel unique? We know the answer: redesign and optimize your landing page to improve your site’s performance.

Redesigning conventional website- Do you believe your target audience cannot navigate your website on various devices? It is time to consider revamping your website to make it mobile friendly and expand your worldwide reach

WordPress redesign- You may acquire an appealing website for your business by either fully bespoke WordPress creation or just having it redesigned by the industry’s best specialists to assist you in revamping your website compellingly. We can increase the performance of your site by using the correct components and copies. Learn more about our landing page SEO and design services!

E-commerce design– You may obtain an appealing website for your business – either entirely bespoke WordPress development or just having it redesigned by the industry’s finest professionals to help you revamp your website compellingly.

Website theme redesign– People prefer to see changes over time, whether it’s a B2B website, a B2C website, or a company portal, and the only way to do so is to redesign a theme or template. Learn more about our bespoke website redesigning services.

Migration- Content transfer is one of the most difficult aspects of the website revamping process. We assist you in making it a well-planned and successfully conducted activity that will assist you in lowering your total Website Redesign cost.

Why Psyber is the best

Fresh Look to the website- Our website redesign process goes above and beyond the norm, and our team of designers collaborates directly with you to offer your website a new and fresh appearance while delivering a smooth performance that brings you more revenue

Improved branding- We redesign with your brand in mind and assist you in gearing up your branding through all parts of your website’s new appearance while improving online sales. We assist you in every way we can to boost your branding with a fresh appearance

SEO Optimization- When redesigning the appearance and feel of your website, it is common to overlook SEO! But don’t be concerned! We will optimize pictures, CSS, JavaScript, and nearly everything else to make it search engine friendly.

Market costs optimization– With a completely new appearance and feel for your business website, we also include enticing graphics, comprehensive analytics tracking, replacing old content with new ones, social network integrations, and much more, all of which help to decrease your total marketing expenses.

Growth in sales- Regardless of how poor your online presence was, our designers will assist you in increasing the legitimacy of your online brand, which will ultimately boost trust from your target audience. The more people trust you, the more business you’ll get for your internet business


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Since it’s an already existing website and you need to make it responsive, then it costs from ₹5000 to ₹40,000. But if you want everything to be designed from scratch then cost might differ.

A website redesign is a high-level overhaul that involves significantly changing elements like the code, content, structure, and visuals of your current website to better serve your visitors. 

A website redesign can take anywhere from 45 to 90 days and longer depending on the complexity of the project and the needs the website needs to meet.

The average website maintenance costs vary from around 1,000-5,00,000 rupees/month or 7,000-60,00,000 rupees/year.

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